Web design

DKR Joinery

Revamping the digital façade of DKR Joinery, a specialist UK joinery company, showcasing their craftsmanship while enhancing user experience and conversions.



Our engagement with DKR Joinery, renowned specialists in their field, arose from their desire to refresh their online presence. The essence of the challenge lay in creating a website that genuinely reflected their brand, showcased their exquisite craftsmanship, and resonated with their target audience while being user-friendly.

What the client wanted

DKR Joinery wanted to update their digital presence and ensure that their new website properly represented their brand and the high-quality work they produce. They sought an easy-to-navigate, visually striking site that incorporated clear Call-to-Actions (CTAs). Ongoing support to ensure they consistently reaped the benefits from their site was also a prerequisite.

What we did

• Developed a WordPress-based website, offering a balance of aesthetic appeal and functionality.

• Showcased DKR Joinery's high-quality work throughout the site, effectively highlighting their craftsmanship.

• Incorporated user-friendly design elements to enhance the visitor's browsing experience.

• Strategically placed CTAs across the site to drive visitor engagement and conversion.

• Provided ongoing support to ensure optimal performance and benefits from the website.

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Our partnership with DKR Joinery yielded a dynamic website that not only accurately reflected their brand and workmanship but also led to significant growth in their digital metrics.

• The WordPress-based, user-friendly website offers a true representation of DKR Joinery's brand and high-quality work.

• Strategic placement of CTAs has led to higher visitor engagement and increased conversion rates.

• Ongoing support ensures the website continues to deliver excellent performance and maximise its potential.

• DKR Joinery's visibility has significantly increased, leading to higher visitor traffic and an uptick in business enquiries, marking a successful digital transformation.

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