Web design


Building a captivating online presence for Figurati, an upscale Italian restaurant in Hampshire, enhancing customer engagement and maximising conversions.



Our collaboration with Figurati, a chic Italian restaurant nestled in a fashionable marina location in Hampshire, centred around the creation of a website that reflected their brand's persona and the unique dining experience they offer. Milktree was entrusted with the challenge of analysing competitors nationwide, with the objective of structuring a website aimed at maximising conversions while embodying Figurati's vision.

What the client wanted

Figurati sought a website that epitomised their brand and the exquisite dining experience they provide. They needed us to conduct a thorough competitor analysis and devise a site structure that would optimise conversions. Key requirements included the integration of Google Analytics, an efficient booking system for ease of use, and a data capture pop-up to enhance subscriber numbers.

What we did

• Built a WordPress-based website that accurately mirrored Figurati's upscale brand and the unique dining experience they offer.

• Conducted a comprehensive competitor analysis to inform our approach to site structuring and conversion maximisation.

• Integrated Google Analytics to track site performance and user behaviour.

• Incorporated an easy-to-use booking system for enhanced customer convenience.

• Added a data capture pop-up to drive subscriber numbers.

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Our synergy with Figurati resulted in a stylish and engaging website that not only resonates with the brand's vision but has also significantly improved their digital engagement and conversion metrics.

• The WordPress-based, user-friendly website reflects Figurati's upscale brand and the unique dining experience they provide.

• Thorough competitor analysis informed the structuring of the site, leading to optimised conversions.

• Integration of Google Analytics provides valuable insights into user behaviour and site performance.

• The easy-to-use booking system enhances user experience, boosting customer satisfaction and return visits.

• Data capture pop-up has successfully driven up subscriber numbers, creating an engaged subscriber base of over 8,000 individuals.

• The site now receives nearly 20,000 hits a month, indicating a significant increase in online visibility and audience engagement.

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