Web design

Hampshire Homes

Constructing an engaging, comprehensive website for Hampshire Homes, an established house builder, providing an intuitive user experience and enhancing their digital footprint.



Our engagement with Hampshire Homes, a prominent house builder known for their affordable housing across southern England, involved crafting a new website that transcended their previous single-page online presence. The challenge at hand was to construct a website that not only showcased their numerous projects but also provided an intuitive experience for visitors, thereby accurately representing the scope and excellence of their work.

What the client wanted

Hampshire Homes required a full-fledged website to replace their existing landing page, to better depict the vast array of projects they undertake. They needed a site built on an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS), accommodating all ongoing projects, complete with clear Call-to-Actions (CTAs) for seamless user engagement. Further, they wanted the addition of analytics and an SEO-friendly structure to improve their search engine ranking.

What we did

• Built a comprehensive website using Wix, chosen for its ease-of-use as a CMS, allowing the entire team to interact efficiently.

• Showcased all of Hampshire Homes' ongoing projects, offering visitors a deeper insight into their work.

• Incorporated clear CTAs throughout the site, facilitating easy user interaction.

• Implemented analytics to monitor and optimise site performance.

• Established an SEO-friendly structure to enhance search engine visibility and ranking.

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Our collaboration with Hampshire Homes led to a digital transformation, yielding a user-friendly, engaging website that aptly represents the company's magnitude of operations and continues to drive inbound enquiries.

• The comprehensive Wix-based website provides an easy-to-use platform for both the Hampshire Homes team and visitors.

• The site now vividly showcases all ongoing projects, allowing visitors a panoramic view of Hampshire Homes' operations.

• Clear CTAs throughout the site facilitate easy interaction, driving user engagement and conversions.

• The integration of analytics allows performance tracking and optimisation.

• With its SEO-friendly structure, the website has significantly improved visibility on search engines.

• The site now receives regular inbound enquiries, evidencing the successful expansion of its digital footprint.

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