Kotica builders

Constructing a solid and appealing brand image for Kotica Builders, an expert home renovation company.



Kotica Builders prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for home renovation projects. With a team of experts adept at handling all aspects of construction and renovation, they needed a brand that reflected their proficiency, commitment to excellence, and comprehensive service.

What the client wanted

The client desired a complete branding package, consisting of a distinctive logo, clear brand guidelines, a compelling brand strategy, and engaging social media representation. They aimed to communicate their expertise, reliability, and complete solution offering effectively through their brand.

What we did

• Designed a dynamic and recognisable logo that captures the essence of Kotica Builders' professionalism and expertise.

• Drafted robust brand guidelines to create a cohesive visual narrative across different platforms and mediums.

• Devised a compelling brand strategy to position Kotica Builders as the premier choice for comprehensive home renovation solutions.

• Curated captivating social media content to boost the brand's visibility and engage with their target audience.

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Kotica Builders' new brand image resonates with their target audience, ensuring consistency and engagement across multiple touchpoints.

• The logo now effectively symbolises the company's ethos of expertise and comprehensive service, leaving a lasting impression on customers.

• The brand guidelines have fostered consistency across all visual communications, increasing brand recognition and trust.

• The developed brand strategy has successfully positioned Kotica Builders as a leading choice in the home renovation industry.

• Engaging social media content has enhanced online presence, fostered audience interaction, and increased visibility, proving a successful part of the overall brand strategy.

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