Web design

Marco's Bar Ristorante

Recreating Marco's well-established Italian restaurant's website in WordPress, ensuring a seamless transition with improved SEO and a new booking system integration.



Marco's, a well-regarded Italian restaurant located in Southampton, came to us in need of a website overhaul. They desired to transition their website from Adobe Muse to WordPress CMS, aiming to maintain the same look and feel while adding functionality and improved SEO. Our task was to replicate their current website with precision, integrate a new booking system, and ensure all pages were SEO-optimised for better search engine visibility.

What the client wanted

Marco's approached us with a clear brief: They wanted a replica of their existing website, but built using WordPress CMS. This would provide them with better control over their site, while also enabling them to connect with the software they use in their day-to-day operations. In addition, they sought to integrate a new booking system for enhanced functionality, and prioritised SEO optimisation across all pages to increase visibility in search engines.

What we did

• Built an exact replica of the existing site on WordPress CMS for enhanced control and flexibility.

• Integrated a new booking system for streamlined reservation management.

• Ensured SEO optimisation of all pages to improve visibility in search engine rankings.

• Provided training for the Marco's team to effectively manage and update the site themselves.

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The result of our collaboration with Marco's is a user-friendly, SEO-optimised website built on WordPress CMS, successfully mirroring the feel of the previous Adobe Muse site, but with increased functionality.

• The exact replica of their site on WordPress CMS provided Marco's with greater control and flexibility in managing their online presence.

• The new booking system integration streamlined their reservation process, enhancing user experience and management efficiency.

• All pages were built with SEO in mind, significantly improving the site's visibility in search engine results.

• After receiving training from us, the Marco's team can now effectively manage and update the website independently.

• The new website generates over 10,000 hits per month and numerous inbound booking enquiries, proving the successful transition and enhanced digital presence.

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