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Myreen Young Skincare

Crafting a natural and sophisticated brand identity for Myreen Young, award-winning skincare manufacturers in the UK.



Our adventure with Myreen Young, esteemed manufacturers of natural and organic skincare products, began with the objective of creating a brand identity as unique and vibrant as the products they produce. Milktree was tasked with constructing a brand that encapsulated their ethos of organic purity and award-winning quality.

What the client wanted

Myreen Young sought a refreshing brand identity that mirrored their commitment to natural, organic skincare. This called for an innovative logo design, detailed brand guidelines, captivating social media posts, and packaging design that echoed their organic philosophy while presenting their award-winning products attractively.

What we did

• Conceived a logo design that subtly encapsulated Myreen Young's organic, award-winning character.

• Devised comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all brand representations.

• Curated a collection of engaging social media posts reflecting the brand’s commitment to natural skincare.

• Designed product packaging that resonated with the brand's ethos and highlighted the quality of their skincare range.

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Our journey with Myreen Young blossomed into a brand identity as natural and endearing as the skincare products they create.

• The logo, along with the consistent brand representation guided by our guidelines, solidified Myreen Young's unique identity in the skincare market.

• Our captivating social media posts amplified the brand's organic image and fostered engagement with a community passionate about natural skincare.

• The organic and elegant packaging design not only appealed to the customers aesthetically but also underscored the quality and care put into each product, further enhancing the brand's reputation as an award-winning manufacturer.

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