Web design


Designing an SEO-optimised WordPress website for Nephelai, a telecoms company based in the UK , resulting in a 500% increase in inbound enquiries.



Nephelai, a telecoms company operating in the South of England, approached us with a specific need to boost inbound enquiries through a well-structured, SEO-friendly website. Their brief centered on building an effective online platform that would serve as a funnel for potential customers, thereby increasing business opportunities.

What the client wanted

Nephelai was keen on having a website that would not only effectively represent their brand but also facilitate a significant increase in inbound enquiries. They wanted a site that could seamlessly integrate with their CRM system, Pipedrive, and have easy-to-spot calls to action (CTAs). In addition, they were keen on using WordPress CMS for the build, with a setup that would favour search engine optimization (SEO).

What we did

• Developed the website on WordPress CMS, ensuring easy updates and management.

• Implemented an SEO-friendly setup to improve visibility on search engines.

• Incorporated clear CTAs throughout the site to drive visitor engagement and increase inbound enquiries.

• Integrated the website with Pipedrive, their CRM of choice, to streamline customer relationship management.

• Provided ongoing support to ensure the website continues to serve its purpose effectively.

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Our collaboration with Nephelai led to a substantial increase in inbound enquiries through an enhanced, SEO-optimised website.

• The website, developed on WordPress CMS, provides easy management and updates.

• The SEO-friendly setup improves the site's ranking on search engines, increasing visibility.

• Clear CTAs placed strategically throughout the site drive visitor engagement, contributing to an impressive 500% increase in inbound enquiries.

• Seamless integration with the Pipedrive CRM makes managing customer relationships more efficient.

• Our ongoing support ensures the site continues to meet Nephelai's evolving needs and remains an effective tool for generating inbound enquiries.

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