Web design

Orchard Recruiting

Revamping Orchard Recruiting's online presence with an SEO-optimised WordPress website, successfully boosting inbound enquiries and ease of use.



Orchard Recruiting, an independent recruitment agency based in Southampton with over 30 years of industry experience, was seeking a user-friendly and SEO-optimised website upgrade. They required a platform that would enable job seekers to access live jobs easily and boost inbound enquiries, improving their overall online presence.

What the client wanted

The agency's vision was to have a website that seamlessly integrates with a live jobs plugin, making it simpler for prospective candidates to apply for positions. An SEO-friendly setup for better search engine visibility, WordPress CMS for ease of updating, and ongoing support to ensure smooth running were among their requirements. In essence, the website was to be a catalyst for enhanced online presence and increased inbound enquiries.

What we did

• Built the website on WordPress CMS, a user-friendly platform, facilitating easy updates.

• Ensured an SEO-friendly setup to boost the website's visibility on search engines.

• Integrated a live jobs plugin, enabling prospective candidates to access and apply for jobs directly.

• Provided ongoing support, ensuring the website runs smoothly and efficiently.

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The results of our partnership with Orchard Recruiting have significantly enhanced their online presence and inbound enquiries.

• The user-friendly website, built on WordPress CMS, allows for easy management and updates.

• An SEO-friendly setup enhances visibility on search engines, bringing in more potential candidates.

• The integration of a live jobs plugin has made job applications a breeze for prospective candidates.

• Our ongoing support ensures the website stays up-to-date and continues to function smoothly.

• The increase in inbound enquiries and an enhanced online presence underscore the success of the project.

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