Web design

Pump House Auctions

Revitalising the digital presence of Pump House Specialist Auctions, a family-owned auction house, driving engagement and customer interactions.



Pump House Specialist Auctions, a family-owned auction house nestled in the heart of the UK, tasked Milktree with the revamp of their digital presence. The challenge lay in constructing an online platform that was reflective of their esteemed heritage, while also harnessing modern technology to maximise customer interactions and engagement.

What the client wanted

The client required a fresh and intuitive website built on a WordPress CMS, with a strong emphasis on SEO. Mobile responsiveness was essential to cater to an increasingly mobile-savvy audience. Key features desired were effective Call-to-Actions (CTAs), a subscriber sign-up functionality, and seamless integration with their auction software and CRM system. The implementation of Google Analytics was also a necessity for tracking website performance.

What we did

• Developed a WordPress CMS-based website ensuring ease of management and updates.

• Ensured SEO-friendly setup to increase visibility in search engine results.

• Optimised the website for responsiveness across various devices.

• Implemented effective CTAs to enhance user engagement and conversion rates.

• Integrated a subscriber sign-up feature to build a loyal customer base.

• Seamlessly integrated the website with their auction software and CRM system for streamlined operations.

• Implemented Google Analytics for tracking and understanding user behaviour and website performance.

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Our collaboration with Pump House Specialist Auctions resulted in a dynamic online platform that has successfully attracted a multitude of interested visitors and potential customers.

• The WordPress CMS-based, SEO-friendly website significantly improved their digital presence, attracting over 15,000 unique visitors each month.

• The responsive design and effective CTAs enhanced user engagement, generating over 150 inbound enquiries monthly.

• The subscriber sign-up feature facilitated the development of a dedicated audience base.

• The seamless integration with their auction software and CRM system has streamlined their operational efficiency.

• Implementation of Google Analytics has provided valuable insights, helping the client understand user behaviour and tweak strategies for further growth.

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