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Restaurant AO

Pioneering an elite dining experience with Restaurant AO, steering its journey to earn a Michelin star.



Restaurant AO aspired to be a trailblazer in the local dining scene, aiming to procure a Michelin star at the earliest. Our challenge was to articulate this vision into a cohesive brand identity that exuded sophistication and exceptional quality, signifying the high-end dining experience Restaurant AO intended to offer.

What the client wanted

The client envisaged a comprehensive branding strategy that encompassed every customer touchpoint, from logo design and menu aesthetics to social media presence and email marketing. They also required a bespoke CRM system and a responsive website to streamline their operations and customer interactions. Moreover, a key objective was to ensure Restaurant AO's prominence across review sites and inclusion in the prestigious Michelin Guide.

What we did

• Conceived an elegant logo design that perfectly embodied the restaurant's elite image.

• Crafted brand guidelines ensuring consistency in brand presentation across all channels.

• Designed an aesthetically appealing menu that reflected the culinary finesse of Restaurant AO.

• Devised a robust brand strategy to navigate the restaurant towards its Michelin star goal.

• Streamlined social media communication and email marketing to foster brand engagement.

• Created a custom CRM system for efficient management of customer relationships.

• Developed a responsive website to offer seamless user experience across devices.

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Our journey with Restaurant AO resulted in a sterling brand that continues to dazzle the high-end dining scene.

• The brand, with its unique logo and cohesive visual language, made an impressive impact, eliciting rave reviews across platforms.

• The robust brand strategy steered Restaurant AO towards its goal, culminating in a feature in the Michelin Guide.

• Our comprehensive social media and email marketing strategies boosted the brand's visibility and patron engagement.

• The custom CRM system enabled the restaurant to manage customer relationships more efficiently, enhancing service quality.

• The responsive website, with its intuitive design, further solidified the brand's digital presence, contributing to a 5-star rating across review sites.

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