Website Design

The Cricketers Inn

Creating a contemporary digital identity for The Cricketers, a traditional public house near Winchester, UK.



Embarking on a venture with The Cricketers, we dived deep into the public house industry, assessing their current website's shortcomings while identifying potential enhancements. Our goal was to create a polished and modernised digital representation of their pub, aiming to preserve its traditional charm while resonating with the current digital age.

What the client wanted

The Cricketers had a clear vision: a revamped website that maintained their traditional aura while being in tune with the evolving digital world. The incumbent website lacked the dynamic and ease of use that today's customer expects. Paramount to their brief was a seamless and intuitive booking system and a method to gauge website traffic - essentials for customer convenience and valuable business insights.

What we did

• Conducted an in-depth analysis of the industry trends, focusing on the target market's preferences.

• Developed the website on WordPress, ensuring it was responsive and user-friendly across multiple devices.

• Incorporated effective Call-to-Actions (CTAs) to promote booking.

• Integrated a sophisticated booking system, enabling seamless reservations.

• Installed Google Analytics for insightful traffic monitoring and tracking.

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Our collaboration with The Cricketers yielded a website that beautifully marries tradition with the modern. The outcome not only surpassed the client's expectations but also created a significant impact on their business.

• The updated website, with its user-centric design, enhanced visibility and overall user experience.

• With easy navigation and clear CTAs, we observed a substantial uptick in conversions.

• The integration of a smooth booking system encouraged visitors to make direct reservations, fostering customer convenience.

• The use of Google Analytics empowered the client with insights into customer behaviour and traffic patterns, aiding in informed decision-making and strategy formulation.

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