Wessex Removals

A complete branding overhaul for Wessex Removals Ltd, injecting new life into their visual identity across multiple platforms.



With over a decade of providing excellent removal and storage services in Hampshire, Wessex Removals Ltd sought to rejuvenate their brand image. As a family-run, independent business, they required an aesthetic that authentically communicated their commitment to quality, reliability, and personal service.

What the client wanted

The client aimed for a comprehensive branding package, including a fresh logo design, brand guidelines for consistency, creative social media posts, packaging design, vehicle artwork, and new signage to reinforce their brand presence in the physical world.

What we did

• Crafted a distinctive, memorable logo that encapsulates the company's values and services.

• Developed comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistent visual communication across all platforms.

• Designed engaging social media posts to increase brand visibility and engagement online.

• Created new packaging designs to reinforce brand identity in every customer interaction.

• Conceived striking vehicle artwork and signage, turning their fleet and premises into powerful, mobile advertisements.

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The brand refresh for Wessex Removals Ltd has breathed new life into their visual identity, ensuring a strong, cohesive brand presence across all touchpoints.

• The new logo effectively captures the brand's essence, making a strong impression on customers.

• Detailed brand guidelines ensure the client maintains consistency in their visual communication, strengthening brand recognition.

• Engaging social media posts have boosted online visibility and interaction, connecting with a wider audience.

• The new packaging designs, vehicle artwork, and signage are more than just functional elements - they are now active contributors to the brand's story, reinforcing identity and values wherever they are seen.

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