Web Design

Your Nurse

Reimagining the digital presence of Your Nurse, a leading UK healthcare recruitment agency, to enhance lead generation.


In our collaboration with Your Nurse, a prominent healthcare recruitment agency in the UK, the task at hand was to address their issue of insufficient inbound enquiries on their main site. At Milktree, we took it upon ourselves to revamp their online persona, making it a magnet for potential leads and conversions.

What the client wanted

Your Nurse sought a transformative solution to increase inbound enquiries via their website. They required a high-converting landing page that was not only SEO-friendly but also responsive for mobile users. The seamless integration of Zapier, a software automation tool, was an essential component of their digital makeover.

What we did

• Designed a high-converting landing page to attract and engage potential leads.

• Ensured the entire website, particularly the landing page, was SEO-friendly to enhance visibility in search engine results.

• Integrated Zapier to automate processes and streamline the user experience.

• Optimised the website to be mobile-responsive, offering seamless navigation to users across devices.

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Our partnership with Your Nurse led to a transformative surge in their digital performance, successfully meeting their goals.

• The high-converting landing page we designed became a magnet for potential leads, dramatically increasing inbound enquiries.

• SEO optimisation boosted the website's visibility on search engines, attracting a broader audience to their site.

• The integration of Zapier ensured a smooth, streamlined user experience, fostering user engagement and enhancing lead generation.

• Our efforts in creating a mobile-responsive design successfully catered to the growing population of mobile users, generating over 100 leads every month.

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