Cultivating a unique identity for EazyPhone, a pioneering telecoms brand, to distinguish it from the competition.



EazyPhone approached us with the ambition of emerging as a progressive telecoms brand that stood apart in a highly competitive market. At Milktree, we accepted this challenge with the aim to carve a unique identity that radiated EazyPhone's forward-thinking ethos and distinguished it from its competitors.

What the client wanted

EazyPhone was intent on establishing a distinct brand presence, far removed from the industry stereotypes. This involved creating an innovative logo design, defining brand guidelines, and curating engaging social media posts that echoed the brand's innovative spirit. A strategic brand road map underpinned by an exhaustive understanding of the competition was crucial to EazyPhone's branding exercise.

What we did

• Conceived an innovative logo design encapsulating EazyPhone's forward-thinking character.

• Established comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistent representation of EazyPhone across all mediums.

• Curated a collection of engaging social media posts that echoed the brand’s innovative ethos.

• Developed a strategic brand road map based on a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape.

• Conducted rigorous competitor research to gauge the industry pulse and identify unique branding opportunities.

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Our collaborative journey with EazyPhone culminated in a striking brand presence that underscored its distinctive place in the telecoms industry.

• The innovative logo and consistent visual identity, as defined by the brand guidelines, enabled EazyPhone to stand out from its competitors.

• Engaging social media posts amplified the brand's innovative image, generating positive engagement from the target audience.

• The comprehensive brand strategy, informed by competitor research, laid the foundation for EazyPhone's impactful market positioning.

• The rigorous understanding of the competitive landscape empowered EazyPhone to identify and leverage unique branding opportunities, significantly boosting its standing in the telecoms industry.

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