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With Milktree, experience the transformative potential of innovative design in shaping captivating, profit-driving digital experiences for your brand.

About Us

Milktree came to life in 2019. Since then, we've worked with all sorts of businesses. Big or small, tech or retail, we've helped them all. We've learnt a lot from working across these different sectors and it’s these experiences that help us tailor the best solutions for you.

We like to think we're a bit like sponges, always soaking up new knowledge. We're always learning and trying out new things. This way, we can make sure we're giving you the best, most up-to-date advice. With Milktree, you're always ahead of the game.

Our Values

We're committed to constantly pushing boundaries, fostering an environment that encourages fresh ideas and creative problem-solving.
We believe in the power of partnership, working closely with our clients to achieve shared goals and create digital success stories.
We strive for exceptional standards in everything we do, from our unique designs to our meticulous service and dedication to client success.
"Our vision at Milktree has always been to bring brands to life in the digital realm. We're passionate about blending creativity with strategy to craft experiences that engage and inspire. I truly believe that through innovation and collaboration, we can empower businesses to reach their full digital potential."

Our Team

Sanchita Padhee
Senior Brand Strategist
Unnati Jani
Senior Brand Strategist
Chris Jenkins
UX/UI Designer
Akash Choudhury
Website Developer
Levi Eweka
Charlotte Green
Content Writer
Julia Sadowski
Finance Manager
Marvin Forbes-Broomes
Charleen Salazar
Operations Assistant
Rupsha Chaudhuri
Graphic Designer
Trusted by established companies
Milktree helps you acquire design and development superpowers
At Milktree, we're not just a digital agency, we're your strategic partner in creating digital success. Our team blends creativity with strategy to deliver compelling, profit-driving digital solutions.

We understand the power of design and utilise it to transform your brand's digital experiences. From stunning websites to cohesive branding, we make sure your brand stands out.

Above all, we're committed to your success. With Milktree, you're gaining a team dedicated to transforming your digital visions into measurable results.
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Client Testimonials

Our branding experience with Milktree was exceptional. Their team grasped our vision and transformed it into a captivating brand identity. Every element was meticulously crafted, resulting in a brand that perfectly reflects our values and resonates with our target audience.
CEO - Henderson Group
Choosing Milktree for our website design was the best decision we made. They flawlessly captured our requirements and brought our vision to life. The end result was a stunning website that not only looked amazing but also provided an intuitive user experience. Their attention to detail and seamless execution made the process effortless. We are thrilled with the outcome.
Owner - Nephelai Telecoms
Our experience with Milktree for logo design was absolutely fantastic. Their team of talented designers truly understood our brand's essence and created a logo that perfectly captured our identity. The attention to detail and creativity showcased in their work surpassed our expectations. We highly recommend Milktree
Owner - Orchard Recruiting
Finding a graphic designer who could balance fun and professionalism for the finance industry was always a struggle. However, working with Milktree was a game-changer. They effortlessly visualised our ideas and delivered designs that not only matched our branding but exceeded our expectations.
Digital Marketer - Bluestone